Tonight, My Feet Hurt

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Tonight, my feet hurt.
But my heart hurts more.
And a lot of things rush through my mind
I wish you knew that I’d love to take photos of us together
How I’d want to squeeze your hand, when you squeeze mine.
How I always feel warm when I lean on your shoulder
How I’d love to run with you, and laugh, and make people stare
I wish you knew how just walking beside you gives me chills
How looking at you makes my heart skip a beat, always.
How just sitting beside you makes me believe in love again.
And I wish you knew how badly I want you in my life
But tonight, my feet hurt.
And my heart hurts more. 

Deciphering Why

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It could be that I love you for you make me feel
Like I have waited forever for you
Or maybe I love you because you came when I wasn’t expecting
And just like that, you stole my heart away.
Or it could be that I love you for the way you make me smile,
And the way you make me laugh, like I have not done so in years.
Or it could be that I love you for the times you make me sad,
For the times you make me cry, that I would feel my heart breaking,
Then you’d smile, and just like that, you’d easily make it whole.
Or it could be that I love you for the way you act so silly
The way you dance like a crazy man, coz you are a crazy man
Or that I love you for the way you sing songs with me, or hum your crazy tunes
And just like that, you’d make me laugh so hard I thought I’d die.
Or that I love you for the way your eyes stare at me
Or for the way you hold me close, whispering that you would not want to let go.
Maybe I love you for what we have now, whatever this is;
And then I know, maybe, just maybe, I am loving you a li’l bit more.

Of Questions and Waiting

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Sometimes, I’d like to ask you tons of questions. 
But I have decided to stop, not just because i know you wont give me answers 
but because, I know the answers, to begin with; and it scares the crap out of me. 
So I will just stay still, and wait. Wait til you figure things out, 
til you make up you mind, til you decide to do something about it. 
As for me, I will wait.I will wait is stillness, in patience and in love. 
Not because I am hoping that this will turn out great for the both of us
But I am hoping that this will turn out to be what God wants it to be. 
And I keep you in my prayers every night, 
and in little moments…just like now. 

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And no. I wasn’t expecting anything.

But you were there. You came up and said “Hi.”

And we talked, you know, the usual short conversations.

But just so you know, it made me smile.


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So it went totally out of my control. It was that spur of the moment when I didn’t use my head. It just went like so, as if it’s something I caged for ages. Or maybe my heart was already so in rage that it knocked my brain off. 


Because I saw you today.

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I saw you today. I didn’t even have the guts to walk to you, to smile and say hello.

For the longest time, I have fought whatever this is that I have for you. I have kept it and asked myself to stop because no matter how I wrap my mind around it, I can never find a way to make it work. I have been, for the longest time, afraid to offer this to God –to offer you to the Lord, because I am afraid that He will not grant my plea. But I believe I need to offer you to the Lord this time because I love the Lord more than I love you. And I am hoping that in loving Him, He’d allow me to love you in the best way I can, in accordance to His plans.

Hello hello.

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First entry. I really don’t have anything to say yet. 😐